Crescent Hill Baptist Church
Sunday, May 03, 2015
Captured by Christ, Grounded in Love, Consumed by God



Agency D3 - VBS 2014

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To all our agents out there and new trainees, we have a mission starting June 16th.
Join us at Agency D3 for a week of investigating the exciting truths about Jesus.
Kids will be briefed on their mission for the day at the Headquarters. From Headquarters, kids will examine evidence in the Evidence Vault, create cool gadgets in their Lab, hone skills on the Traing Grounds, and enjoy snacks in the Break Room.
Be sure to register by clicking on the magnifying glass to your left or click here.


VBS Kickoff Event

June 1st, 2014
At the Kickoff agents in training will engage in missions (games) and prep their taste buds.
We are honored to have the Richland County Sheriff Department Kid Print joining us. Please contact the church to get a required permission slip for the Kid Print tent.